Christmas Safety Checklist

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December is a time for Christmas cheer with many homes and gardens turned into spectacular festive displays.

During this time it's important to remember electrical safety. Too often decorative lighting isn’t installed correctly, or no electrical safety measures have been considered.

Master Electricians Australia urges everyone to be aware of common sense electrical safety measures to keep you and your family safe.

Master Electricians Australia has published a Christmas lights safety checklist on its website, to help prevent this festive season from being marred by an unfortunate electrical accident.

Check For Recalls

Check the Federal Government’s product safety recalls website to ensure Christmas lights have not been deemed unsafe by regulators.

Even reputable retailers occasionally need to recall dangerous items. Master Electricians Australia urges all home owners to check the ‘recalls’ website before installing Christmas lights, regardless of where they are from.

Consider Safety Switches

The only way to be truly safe is to ensure all lights are connected to power points controlled by a safety switch.

A safety switch will detect any imbalance of power associated with electric shock and stop the flow of electrical current in less time than a heartbeat.

Adding a safety switch to a switchboard costs a lot less than many of the more elaborate lighting products that many homeowners buy for their Christmas lights displays, and can give you the peace of mind you are safe from an electrical accident this happy season.

For those with extensive lighting displays consider having a Master Electrician or licensed contractor install additional outdoor power points, rather than overloading existing circuits.

Christmas Safety Checklist

Check for an Australian Approval number when purchasing lights such as Q12345, V01294, or N12345
Visit to check for any recalled Christmas lights
Ensure you have safety switches installed - preferably on all circuits in your home, but definitely on the circuits powering your Christmas lights
When installing lights outdoors, only use lights designed for external use. Generally these types will have a transformer
Use extra low voltage lights - look for lights with a transformer
Always turn off outdoor lights during rain or storms
Ensure your outdoor connections are weatherproofed
Do not piggyback double adapters or power boards
Always keep clear of powerlines, swimming pools, driveways, and walkways
Go solar if you can - it's better for the environment, and safer for you
Secure outdoor lights to fixtures and keep out of children’s reach
Follow the instructions and recommendations of manufacturer