2015 Electrical Industry Conference

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In 2015, Master Electricians Australia, along with over 250 guests, jetted off to Kyoto Japan, for a truly immersive cultural experience.

As with most international Conferences, this wasn't just a trip for learning about the electrical industry, it was also an opportunity to experience the cultural wonders of another country, and Japan was no exception.

Keynote Speakers

Jordana Borensztajn, Social Media Trainer

Jordana has worked in media for 10 years as a journalist, producer, editor, strategist, and moderator. Jordana helped us decode the next generation who speak differently, behave differently, and have much shorter attention spans.

Rob Lilwall, TV Adventurer

A geography teacher turned intrepid adventurer and author, Rob has cycled 50,000 km to London from Siberia and walked 5,000 km from Mongolia to Hong Kong. Both adventures are recorded in his books; Cycling Home From Siberia and Walking Home From Mongolia.

Monk Daiko Matsuyama

Matsuyama taught guests the discipline of Zen with a lesson in meditation and perseverance in the face of adversity.



Welcome Reception - Sake Barrel Opening

To kick-off the Conference, represetatives from Haymans helped us open a traditional sake barrel. Guests then moved on to the cocktail reception at The Sodoh Higashiyama restaurant to enjoy a standup buffet at cocktail tables while Geishas performed and served some of that yummy sake. Guests took home a calligraphy painting created for them onsite.

Cultural Activity - The Golden Temple

Also known as Rokuon-ji, the Golden Temple is a Zen Buddhist temple nestled in a stunning garden complex. A spectacular sight to behold, delegates enjoyed a guided tour and took plenty of photos!

Cultural Activity - The Electrical Shrine

How could we visit Kyoto without making a presentation to the electrical deity? Delegates had a great experience during our offering, and then set off to explore the Electrical Shrine area with walk along the picturesque river to traditional stores and restaurants.

Finale Function - Cosplay Party

HPM Legrand helped us end the Conference on a high-note, supplying great props for our Cosplay Party. All guests dressed up in their favourite pop culture characters as we celebrated the world of costumed play, Japan style.