Women in Contracting

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The Women in Contracting (WiC) initiative is a channel for women working in the Electrical Industry to be heard, be recognised and be empowered. 

Through our events, WiC communications, awards and more, MEA is transforming the way women are viewed and respected in a male dominated field of work. Each event includes sessions on personal development and wellness, business-critical skill development, and soft skill development.


The Women in Contracting events mean business  and will provide you with tangible lessons for personal and business development. Each event will see you networking with likeminded individuals who all seek the same goal – a level playing field for women in a male dominated industry. Our event speakers will focus on lessons they’ve learnt through their time in the industry, even the mistakes they have made, to help you get the most out of your career.

To find out what events are on in your area, click the links below:

Women in Contracting formula

The WiC Formula informs everything we will be doing with Women in Contracting, in that it:

So please, join us as we #createtheconversation. Get involved in WiC -  visit the website today.