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As the most respected industry voice, we welcome your input on issues that are impacting your business. The Master Electricians Australia national footprint exists to serve all members, large and small, through advocacy activities, social media, member events, and our Area Advisory Committees.


Master Electricians Australia is a leading body in the electrical industry, working hard to represent the needs of our members and the industry as whole. At national and state levels, we work hard behind-the-scenes to advocate for change on your behalf, meeting with governments across Australia. If members have an issue they'd like addressed, they can contact their Area Advisory Committee for assistance.

Area Advisory Committee

Whilst we are a national organisation, we do recognise that each state and territory have their own unique needs. That's where the Area Advisory Committee (called Branches in Queensland) come in. The Area Advisory Committee is your link to the MEA Board; alongside reporting top-level MEA initiatives to members, the Area Advisory Committee is responsible for taking your issues back up the chain for Board consideration. If you've got a local issue that may be impacting other members, this is the perfect opportunity to let them know.

Social Media

Social media is here to stay, and at MEA, we're proud to say we're leading the way for the electrical industry through our Electrician's Digital Business Kit. Along with our public accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Instagram, we also have member-exclusive forums on Facebook at a State level, where members can share tips and ask questions of each other at a time that's convenient for them.

Member Events

Looking to network with members, industry professionals, and suppliers? Our Master Electricians Member events are the perfect way to do it. With golf days, poker nights, our Women in Contracting events, our annual Electrical Industry Conference, the MEA Excellence Awards and a whole host of local events, there's something to suit every member.  


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