A Refreshing Approach

The Master Electricians Accreditation program provides an industry leading program that recognises and rewards superior performance in six key areas (modules) of an electrical contracting business.

The program focuses on Quality and Safety:

  • It’s about best practice
  • It’s about safety
  • It’s about being your best
  • The Benefits of Accreditation

    To formally recognise quality, safety and best practice in the electrical contracting business, Master Electricians has developed an industry generated and recognised Accreditation Program.

    Those who attain accreditation are recognised as an Accredited Master Electrician (AME) and can officially use these credentials in their advertising.

    Other benefits include:

    • Tools to grow your business – Complimentary access to Telstra Trades Assist, Telstra Online Essentials and The Cube*.
    • Compliance – Formal recognition that your business complies with legislative and CPD requirements.
    • Quality & Safety – Recognition of your commitment to high quality service and safety.
    • Continuous improvement – Demonstrate your business’ commitment to continuous quality improvements.
    • AME branding – Use the Master Electricians’ Accreditation logo and branding to promote your commitment to excellence.
    • Improve your Google ranking – Master Electricians uses Google AdWords to raise our search engine capability. When consumers search for ‘electrician’ or ‘electrical contractor’, Accredited Master Electricians will have a higher ranking through the Find A Master Electrician (FAME) system.
    • MEA Committees – Accreditation give you the opportunity to sit on the Master Electricians Area Advisory Committee (AAC) or Board.
  • New Business Benefits for Accredited Members
    • Telstra Trades Assist
      A digital tool to manage your business with greater visibility, efficiency and profitability. Designed to simplify business admin and improve the way you work whether on the go, on-site or in the office. Learn more
    • The CUBE
      A facilitated business planning tool enabling you to work on your business to achieve your professional objectives and increase your profitability. Learn more
    • Telstra Online Essentials
      Get your business online and reach more customers with a custom-built web page and Google My Business listing. Learn more
  • How the Accreditation Program Works

    It’s all done via an a new online self-assessment tool, designed to help you measure and benchmark your performance in six key areas (modules).

    • The six modules have been developed to help you ensure that your business has the right safety systems, is best in practice and operates at maximum effectiveness.
    • You can access the online self-assessment tool via the ME Safety Portal.
    • The online self-assessment is scored based on bands of performance, with a minimum 60 points required to achieve & maintain Accreditation.
    • You have 12 months to gain your initial 60 points.
  • How do I become part of the program?

    To be eligible you need three things:

    1. You are an MEA member – join today if you are not already a member.
    2. You have a current electrical contractor’s license.
    3. You have an active Safety system (join ME Safety today if you don’t have a system).

    For a subscription of just $20 week, you can access the Accreditation Program. Your subscription can be paid monthly or annually. It’s up to you.

    * note this cost is in addition to Master Electricians membership.
  • The Modules

    If you have run a contracting business or have experience in a senior contracting role, you will have an appreciation of what is required to become accredited. The Assessment is split into six modules, with different points weighted to each.

    1. MEMBERSHIP – you’ll be a ‘Financial’ Master Electricians member, with a good credit history, and subscribe to the Master Electricians Code of Ethics.
    2. SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – you’ll be an active user of a recognised safety system, such as ME Safety.
    3. STAFF SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES – you’ll have points awarded for maintaining staff licenses and performing regular assessments to ensure your staff are fit for work.
    4. PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT – your professional conduct and image will be assessed and to ensure you’re improving all the time (we’ll help you focus on key points).
    5. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – you’ll attend relevant training courses and participate in industry events. The online portal will recognise and record this.
    6. BUSINESS PLANNING – you’ll have a business plan and review process (we’ll guide you with this).

    All modules align to Australian standards where applicable.

    A maximum of 100 points can be awarded for successful completion of all modules.

    A minimum of 60 points is required to become an Accredited Master Electrician (AME).

  • Getting Started

    It is expected to take 3-4 hours to complete the online self-assessment tool.

    • Go into ’MEA Accreditation’ through your ME Safety Portal.
    • Undertake the online self-assessment.
    • Benchmark your progress.
    • Identify where you need assistance.
    • Contact Master Electricians so we can guide you on the next steps.

    You can undertake the online self-assessment in one sitting, or several sittings as the online tool can be saved and resumed at your convenience (always hit ‘save’ – not ‘submit’ – until you are ready to provide it to MEA or your most senior staff member).

  • If you need help gaining the 60 Points

    As you complete the online self-assessment tool, you will be provided with instructions on what to do if you do not meet the requirements of a question.

    If you don’t meet certain requirements, you can implement the changes needed and then go back and re-answer when you are ready. The point system is “active” and continuously updates.

    Remember you have 12 months to gain your initial 60 points!

    If you need help or training contact us.

  • Existing AME Refresher Timeframe

    All existing Accredited Master Electricians have been transferred to the new program and have to achieve the minimum 60 points required to maintain Accreditation.

    Once you achieve the required points, MEA will continue to work with members to provide support and ensure that the Accreditation system evolves in line with industry and professional needs.

    Steps to Access your Online Accreditation Portal

    1. Head to the ME Safety portal at https://mea.integrumsystems.com
    2. Enter your login details:
      Your username is either your unique email address or your (First) name (Last) name e.g. Jon Snow
    3. If you do not know your password click the forgot your password link and follow the onscreen prompts/email links
    4. Once you have successfully logged into the ME Safety portal you will see:
    5. If you do not see this screen head to the bottom of the page and choose Accreditation from the drop-down menu
  • Code of Ethics

    Accredited Master Electricians must set an example of the qualities customers and the regulator desire.

    AME Code of Ethics

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