Our Members have been receiving value for over 80 years. As a national, not-for-profit organisation, we’ve been working to ensure that our members possess and retain the skills, tools, and information that keeps them at the forefront of their industry.

When our members join Master Electricians, they gain a leading business partner, knowledge source and advocate representing the interests of the industry to government and key stakeholders. We are passionate about ensuring the voice of the electrical industry is heard as we actively lobby government on a range of issues including:

•  Electrical Safety, regulation and standards
•  Licensing
•  Workplace Relations
•  Vocational Education and Skills
•  Apprenticeships
•  Energy Efficiency
•  Electrical Tariff Reform
•  Support for small business
•  OHS & Workers Compensation
•  Red Tape Reduction
•  Competition and Consumer Law
•  Construction Industry Payment Systems
•  Privacy
•  Immigration

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