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Draft Amendment 2 of the Wiring Rules now open for public comment

17th September 2020

The wiring rules committee has created an amendment to further improve the safety of electrical installations.  The wiring rules amendment 2 public consultation phase has commenced.

The proposals, if accepted as published, will have a direct impact on compliance to the wiring rules. This affects every electrical worker and as a consequence will also involve the workers employer, the electrical contractor.

What does this mean for you?

It is important you are aware of these major changes, as both employer and employees will be exposed to the legislated penalties, which could incur a license suspension and possible fine, if a breach occurs. Electrical workers must ensure the work they perform is compliant, thus we are all personally responsible to understand the changes to the AS/NZS 3000 standard. The proposed changes will have a major impact on cost to the customer and may require new wiring installation methods to be undertaken by the electrical worker.

What do you need to do?

Please discuss the proposed changes with your workforce. You and your team need to understand the implications and offer an opinion, toolbox talks can be an excellent vehicle to discuss the pros and cons of the amendment.

Next steps

To support you we have a recording of a national webinar to discuss the changes – along with documentation explaining the intent of the proposed changes and a full explanation of each proposed change and how it differs from the existing requirements. Register below to receive a copy of the documents.


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