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Electricians launch new apprenticeship system to help curb plummeting completion rates

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) has today announced it will roll out an entirely new apprenticeship training and support model for electrical contractors, to help curb the alarmingly low rate of apprenticeship entries and dwindling completion rates in Australia.

MEA CEO Malcolm Richards said Master Electricians Mentoring, a joint offering with recruitment services provider Add Staff, will help employers for the duration of their apprentices’ tenure, starting at the recruitment stage.

“This drop-out trend costs businesses time and money, it costs the electrical industry time and money, and it costs the federal government time and money,” Mr Richards said.

“Our goal is to increase apprentice completion rates and minimise the financial impact of apprentice cancellations through an improved pre-selection process, with measures such as enhanced aptitude, job suitability and job readiness assessments, as well as more thorough face-to-face interview time, to ensure new trainees fully understand their obligations before beginning their four-year tenure,” he said.

Apprentice mentoring will form another key component of this revamped system, providing support to employers and their indentured apprentices for the duration of their apprenticeship contract, alongside business administrative processes and compliance documentation.

“Apprentices can flourish with the right guidance and it’s one of the fastest ways to build strong self-esteem among younger workers – the very people we desperately need to take the reins in the coming years.

“Advice, support and constructive criticism, from trusted mentors, is critical when it comes to creating a skilled workforce for the future,” he said.

Apprentices will have access to a dedicated mentor, who will act as their chief point of contact for the full four-year term, with a monthly review to help them keep track of their progression; coordination of all of their off-the-job training, and an extra hand in making sure they’re getting a diverse offering when on-the-job.

“Master Electricians Mentoring will reach further than ever before when it comes to skilling up the next generation of electrical apprentices, and creating a better future for the electrical industry,” he said.

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