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Ban on live electrical work will save lives

Today new laws come into effect that will prevent Western Australian electricians from conducting live electrical work that are aimed at reducing workplace deaths in the electrical industry.

MEA CEO Malcolm Richards said the move was long overdue and that it will save lives.

“Master Electricians welcomes Western Australia now moving in line with every other state in the country by not allowing electricians to conduct live electrical work,” Mr Richards said.

“MEA has long been advocating for the banning of live electrical work to be enshrined in law because when it comes to electricity there is simply no substitute for safety.

“We have seen too many sparkies die on the job in recent years, due entirely to carrying out live electrical work.

The new laws will be enforced by the regulator Worksafe and will apply to all electrical work. In addition any work in a ceiling will require the power to be disconnected before the work can start including insulation, roofing and plumbing.

“The ME Safety Program – provided to all Master Electricians – has for a decade now already prohibited live electrical work, so it is pleasing to see the law come into line with the industry standard,” Mr Richards said.

“Householders may experience some minor inconvenience due to the new laws however that is a small price to pay to prevent electrocutions from occurring.

“If you’re having electrical work done at your house be conscious that you may experience disruptions that will interrupt everyday activities such as watching TV, cooking or accessing the internet.

“The new laws will improve safety across the industry and should result in fewer deaths.”


Malcolm Richards is available for interview. Please phone SAS Group on 0467 792 013.

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