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Careers Australia collapse requires an urgent Government response

The collapse of private training group Careers Australia will jeopardise the job prospects of hundreds of Queensland electrical apprentices, prompting calls for the State and Federal Governments to step in.

Master Electricians Australia today asked the Queensland and Australian Governments to move to secure the training and employment future of hundreds of young Queenslanders who will be left in the lurch by the collapse.

MEA Chief Executive Malcolm Richards said Careers Australia had been funded to provide formal training for young electrical apprentices, and while they could move to another training provider the funding for the courses would not follow them.

“Our concern is that many of these young people will not now be able to secure the formal training required to complete their apprenticeships,” Mr Richards said.

“This is most likely to result in high drop-out rates in an area where Queensland is already experiencing a significant skills deficit.

“If we don’t secure the pipeline of young workers qualifying as electricians, the impacts will flow through to labour shortages on worksites and for domestic electrical work, and that will result in higher prices for all Queenslanders.

“Master Electricians is asking the State and Federal Governments to provide support for young apprentices to complete their electrical training.

“This will ensure we continue to bring new young people into the ranks of electrical contracting, and will keep the industry functioning properly for all Queenslanders.”

Malcolm Richards is available for interview. Please phone The SAS Group on 07 3221 9222.