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Do It Your-Elf home electricals, the fast way to the naughty list this Christmas

Master Electricians Australia has warned against DIY (Do It Your-Elf) home electricals and other dangers as Australians begin the task of decorating our homes for the Christmas season.

Chief Executive Officer Malcolm Richards said it was not difficult to make sure Christmas lights and other electrical decorations at home were safe as well as festive.

And he urged consumers to look at the simple safety checklist on the Master Electricians Australia website for safety tips.

“It’s an exciting time of year, and it can be very tempting to get the lights out of the shed and put them straight up on to the roof,” Mr Richards said.

“But we urge everyone to first take the time to check for perished insulation, exposed wiring or other signs that your Christmas lights are past their use-by date.  If you think they might be damaged in any way, get an electrician to test them, or just throw them out.

“Lights are easily replaced, but the lives of our loved ones are not.  We certainly don’t want to see happiness turned to tragedy for the sake of saving a few dollars.”

Mr Richards also urged home owners, before putting up Christmas lights, to:

Ensure they had a safety switch installed on their electrical circuit;

Only use outdoor-rated lights for outdoor displays;

Use low-voltage lights that have a transformer, or – even better – go solar;

Check the recalls.gov.au website to make sure your lights or accessories haven’t been recalled;

Avoid overloading power boards and adaptors;

Take care when working at heights on roof tops and ladders; and

Turn your lights off during rain or storms.

“You will significantly increase your chances of staying safe this summer if you follow all these tips, especially about having safety switches installed,” Mr Richards said.

“Compared with the money many people spend on their lights, installing a safety switch to a switchboard is a relatively inexpensive exercise.

“Homeowners with extensive lighting decorations should also consider calling a Master Electrician to install additional outdoor power points, rather than overloading existing circuits.”

The full Christmas Safety Checklist can be found on the Master Electricians Australia website at https://www.masterelectricians.com.au/page/Consumers/Electrical_tips/Electrical_safety/Christmas_Safety_Checklist/.

Malcolm Richards is available for interview. Please phone The SAS Group on 07 3221 9222 or 0467 792 013.

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