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ESO cracks down on unlicensed electrical work

8th July 2020 

The Electrical Safety Office (ESO) has issued a warning today that it is targeting and prosecuting operators who advertise and undertake unlicensed electrical work in Queensland.

In a statement about the crack down, Head of the ESO Donna Heelan called out the dangerous and illegal activities.

“Put simply, ‘unlicensed is unlawful’ and we are doing everything in our powers to stamp out this dangerous practice – those who are falsely advertising, those who are actually performing unlicensed work and those who are getting it done. You are all in the ESO’s sights,” Ms Heelan said.

“People doing unlicensed electrical work don’t have the knowledge or competence to perform electrical work compliant to installation standards, or to test the work to ensure it is electrically safe.

“This poses a significant risk of shock which could result in serious injury or death,” Ms Heelan said.

Already this year, an individual was fined $100,00 after being charged with nine offences related to unlicensed electrical work and contracting.

It’s important that home owners are aware of the risks and realise that electrical work in the home is work that must be done by licensed electricians.

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