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MEA warns consumers over possible death or injury with faulty product

Master Electricians Australia is issuing an urgent warning to consumers over possible death or injury when inspecting if their device is one of the models that has been recalled by the Queensland Electrical Safety Office (ESO).

MEA is urging consumers not to under any circumstances inspect the condition of the two products under recall without first turning off the main power supply to their house.

The Queensland ESO has issued a recall for Radio Systems Australia’s plug inserts on power adaptors for PetSafe® brand and SportDOG® brand products manufactured between 2009 and 2016.

MEA Chief Executive Malcolm Richards said that it is paramount that consumers turn off the power at the main switchboard to their home before inspecting the product.

“To prevent death or injury, please ensure that you turn off the power at the main switchboard to your house before you look to see if your power supply model is one of the products being recalled by the ESO,” said Mr Richards.

“Once you have turned off the power to your house, ensure that you also turn off the relevant power point before looking to see if you have one of the recalled devices.

“Some of the plug inserts have a manufacturing fault that causes them to break apart while being unplugged from a power socket and expose live parts in the process.

“If you notice anything wrong, ensure that you leave the power off until a qualified electrician arrives to assist.

“Coming into contact with live metal can cause electric shock and potentially death, so please do not compromise your own safety.

“If you are unsure, please get in touch with MEA and we will coordinate to have one of our fully accredited electricians come to your home and safely inspect your power supply charger.

“It may well be a pain to spend a few dollars on an electrician, however, it is nothing compared to the cost of losing your life or that of a loved one.

You can arrange for a MEA electrician to come out to your house by visiting our website at https://www.masterelectricians.com.au/page/Consumers/Find_a_Master_Electrician/ or by contacting them on 1300 889 198.

MEA CEO Malcolm Richards is available for interview. Please phone SAS Group on 07 3221 9222.