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MEA warns consumers on urgent recall over Bunnings SmartSpace Kit Home

Master Electricians Australia has issued an urgent warning to consumers regarding cabling and electrical devices that form part of the SmartSpace Kit Homes sold prior to July 2015.

The cables have failed some of the required ageing tests, therefore posing safety risks such as electric shock or fires.

MEA CEO Malcolm Richards said that any consumer who has purchased a SmartSpace Kit Home from Bunnings should check to see if their purchase is part of the recall.

“The cables included in the Bunnings SmartSpace Kit Home are faulty and could prematurely brittle with age,” Mr Richards said.

“In the event that the cables become brittle and are disturbed it could expose live conductors and possibly result in electric shock or fires.

“If you suspect that you have one of the SmartSpace Kit’s affected by the recall then make sure you only get a licensed electrician to inspect the components.

“The small cost associated with hiring an electrician to safely inspect the product is nothing compared to the cost of losing your life or that of a loved one.

“Master Electricians strongly advises to purchase all you electrical wiring and equipment through a license electrical contractor to ensure the product is safe and comes with a warranty.”

The recall is nationwide and relates to all Bunnings SmartSpace Kit Homes sold between 1 January 2012 and 1 July 2015.

You can arrange for a Master Electrician to come out to your house by visiting our website at Find a Master Electrician or by contacting us on 1300 889 198.


Malcolm Richards is available for interview. Please phone SAS Group on 0467 792 013

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