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New hotline to fast-track power reconnection for Townsville flood victims

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) has today launched a free hotline to connect home owners affected by flooding with local electricians, in order to get the power turned back on as soon as possible.

Speaking in Townsville today, MEA Vice-President John Horan said the service would help residents to have the necessary inspections undertaken by a licensed electrical contractor, so Ergon Energy could safely reconnect the home to the grid.

“If your home has been affected by flooding, you must have all the electrical fittings tested by a licensed contractor before the power can be reconnected,” Mr Horan said.

“If the power to your street has been restored you should call the Master Electricians Australia hotline – 1300 889 198 – and we will help you find a contractor to get you back on the grid.

“We will be working with Ergon Energy to ensure that electrical contractors are available to support their crews who are working to get the power back on. This will make the process as efficient as possible.”

Mr Horan said in some cases homes would be able to be reconnected immediately, while others may require some rectification work before the power can be switched on.

While MEA was not charging for the referral service, homeowners would be required to pay the electricians for performing the checks and any necessary repairs.

“People with appropriate insurance cover may be able to reclaim the cost of having an electrical contractor perform the checks and any necessary repairs.”

Mr Horan also invited licensed electrical contractors in the Townsville region to register with MEA if they were able to assist with the inspections.

“Master Electricians Australia is providing this hotline as a service to the Townsville community, and we’ll pass the enquiries on to the nearest available contractor.

“So I urge all licensed contractors in the area to call the hotline and let us know that they’re available to help.”