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SA Labour Hire Licensing Back (For Now)

South Australia’s Government has re-opened applications for its labour hire licensing scheme, after failing to scrap the regime. The Government’s Consumer and Business Services “recommence accepting labour hire applications” and that labour hire providers must lodge their applications by August 31.

However, the Government has published further exemptions to prevent businesses who were not intended to be captured by the scheme from having to apply for a licence:

IMPORTANTLY: A labour hire licence is not required if you hold a current building, plumbing, gas fitting or electrical contractor licence.

The Government’s Labour Hire Licensing Repeal Bill is before Parliament but it has not been passed by the Upper House. It is understood the Marshall Liberal Government intends to push ahead with the repeal legislation after Parliament’s winter break ends in September. But this leaves the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, Dini Soulio, with a law on the statute books which requires action to be taken.

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