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Safety first during southeast summer storms, sparkies warn

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) has warned Queenslanders to put safety first in the wake of the thunderous storms that have devastated the southeast corner of the state.

In recent days Brisbane, the Gold Coast and surrounding areas have experienced a sweltering heatwave that has led to wild and windy storms that meteorologists are forecasting to continue.

MEA CEO Malcolm Richards said that the volatile weather ravaging much of the southeast poses dangerous electrical safety risks to Queenslanders.

“In order to prevent an electrical disaster turning into a personal tragedy, always call a licensed Master Electrician to test damaged appliances or to fix any broken power lines following an electrical storm,” Mr Richards said.

“Taking these small precautions and enlisting the help of an expert can not only save your home from facing tens of thousands of dollars in damage but can also save lives.

“The small cost of having a qualified electrician fix any damage correctly the first time will not only save you money in the long run but is nothing compared to the cost of a tragedy to you or a loved one.

“Thunder storms present a real electrical safety risk to homeowners and it is vital that Queenslanders remain vigilant throughout this period of erratic weather.”

Mr Richards said that there are numerous precautions that Queenslanders can undertake in preparation for an impending storm.

“Taking time to trim trees and secure loose objects can minimise the damage done to your home should we experience further violent storms in the coming days.

“If you have overhead power supply, check the wire coming to your house from the street is clear from contact with trees and if you spot a problem call your power supplier.

“When a thunder storm hits it’s vital that you immediately unplug all electrical items as a lightning strike has the potential to kill all home appliances, even if you have surge protectors.”

“Mother nature can be very volatile during the summer months, so it’s important not to be complacent and to take the appropriate safety precautions.”


Malcolm Richards is available for interview. Please phone The SAS Group on 07 3221 9222 or 0467 792 013.