Special Joint Taskforce to Hunt Dodgy Builders

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Special Joint Taskforce to Hunt Dodgy Builders

The Queensland Government has today announced a Special Joint Taskforce to dig deeper into allegations of white-collar crime in the Queensland building industry. The special taskforce will commence on 27 March 2019 and will conduct a forensic examination into the circumstances surrounding the collapse of a number of major Queensland construction companies and re-test historical claims of fraud.

The special taskforce will headed up by an Independent Special Investigator and staffed by officers from the Queensland Police, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Matters and complaints provided through confidential submissions will be investigated, with Ms Palaszczuk urging anyone who has a complaint about dodgy payments to come forward now and have their grievances heard.

Housing Minister Mick de Brenni said the Queensland Government would continue to roll out its landmark building industry fairness reforms that are already helping ensure everyone in the building industry is paid on time, in full, every time.

Police Minister Mark Ryan said the taskforce would also consider if there are sufficient and appropriate investigative and supervisory powers to deal with the conduct disclosed in the matters reviewed.

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