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Time to Test Your Safety Switch

Start of daylight saving perfect time to test your safety switch

Master Electricians Australia has urged Australians to test that their safety switches are working, and say that the start of daylight savings is the perfect time to do it.

MEA CEO Malcolm Richards said that while it can be a nuisance to test your safety switches, you can reduce this inconvenience by performing the test just before you reset your clocks at the start of daylight saving on Sunday October 7, 2018.

“It’s a proven fact that safety switches save lives. In the event of an electrical incident, a safety switch is able to cut the power in just hundredths of a second,” Mr Richards said.

“While circuit breakers are great at protecting electrical equipment, safety switches are specifically designed to protect human beings from death or serious injury from electrical shocks.

“But safety switches aren’t of much use if they are not working properly, which is why it is important that you perform a simple and safe test, to ensure that they are functioning as they should.

“All you need to do is open your switchboard and press the “Test” button on each of your safety switches. If they are working properly, the power will instantly trip off on that circuit.

“If you perform this test at the start of daylight savings time, you won’t have the additional hassle of having to reset all your clocks when you do the test.

“Some houses have safety switches installed on all circuits, while some only have them on the light or power circuits. If your switchboard does not have a “Test” button on every single circuit, then your home is not fully protected.

“If you hit the “Test” button and it doesn’t immediately trip the power, your safety switch is faulty and you should urgently call a Master Electrician to have it replaced. If you don’t have a safety switch on each circuit, you should also contact a Master Electrician to ensure that your family is fully protected.”