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“Union boss peddling nothing but half-truths and smears” say electricians

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) has slammed a militant union boss, who has previously stated that she has no problem with unions breaking the law, for peddling half-truths regarding Australia’s workplace relations system.

ACTU secretary Sally McManus today addressed the National Press Club where she pushed for changes to the Fair Work Act surrounding casual employment.

MEA Manager of Advisory Services Jason O’Dwyer denounced the controversial union figure for giving a false perspective of the current system and for showing disregard for small business owners.

“Ms McManus is a union boss who is peddling nothing but half-truths and smears,” Mr O’Dwyer said.

“She claims that the current workplace relations system is broken, well it simply is not.

“She claims that employees can’t collectively bargain, but there are currently 13,000 collective agreements covering 1.8 million Australians and this does not include those covered under state-based employers.

“Contrary to what this militant union boss states, the vast majority of Australians – 4.7 million in total – are employed by small business and not the big end of town.

“Small business drives the Australian economy and it is disappointing that we have a leader of the ACTU who shows such disregard for mum-and-dad small business owners.

“Ms McManus says that the average tenure in casual jobs is three years, however, for permanent and part-time jobs it is only slightly longer at four years.

“It is already the case that under some Modern Awards casual employees are able to convert to part-time or full-time employment.

“Ms McManus talks of a power imbalance between big business and employees but does not seem too concerned about the giant power imbalance between small business owners and big unions.

“The union movement is struggling with record-low membership numbers and their tactic for addressing this seems to be to peddle half-truths before the National Press Club and to smear mum-and-dad small business owners,” Mr O’Dwyer said.


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