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Master Electrician of the Year

Presented to an Electrical Contracting business that has shown a commitment to professionalism, quality, safety and the industry that stands them apart from their peers.

Legrand Apprentice of the Year

Seeks to recognise a well-rounded electrical apprentice, focusing on technical skills, educational aptitude, workplace contributions, health and safety compliance and teamwork.

Women in Contracting Award

Presented to an outstanding female in a management, leadership or support role within the electrical contracting industry. These women often provide a variety of functions within the business including sales, HR, administration, marketing, PR, finance and much more.

Electrician (Tradie) of the Year

This new award is presented to an Electrician who has shown a commitment to professionalism, quality, safety and the industry that stands them apart from their peers.

Residential Project of the Year (electrical component only)

This award covers a single residential project in the domestic sector where the applicant’s contract value is less than $1 million. Judges are looking at the technical aspects of the project along with the businesses’ commitment to safety, employee development and industry involvement.

Commercial Project of the Year (electrical component only)

This award covers all commercial projects regardless of the applicant’s contract value.

Industrial Project of the Year (electrical component only)

This award covers all Industrial and Mining projects regardless of the applicant’s contract value.

Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

This award covers all energy efficiency projects such as solar or wind regardless of the applicant’s contract value.

2019 Awards Schedule and Winners


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2018 National Winners

  • Master Electrician of the Year

    Fallon Solutions (accepted by Scott Sinclair) – SOUTH QUEENSLAND

    Judges comments:

    Scott Sinclair says business success can only be achieved with a great team.

    This award recognizes our achievements, have placed us in a solid position to embrace the future opportunities and welcome more great tradespeople into our business.

    Scott says there have been many achievements that are significant within my career, but it would be fair to say that my track record of successfully developing people, processes & profits has helped me to substantially contribute with the turnover in our business.

    Scott chose to be a contractor as it is challenging and rewarding all at the same time. It requires both strong physical labour and intelligent problem solving.

    Scott enjoys his work and has provided high quality customer service to valued Fallon Solution’s customers.

    Fallon solutions also provides Scott with opportunities to interact with quality electricians, dispatch service representatives, supervisors and project managers

    Winners Details:

    Scott considers his greatest career achievements to be developing people and processes.

    He chose to be an electrical contractor because it is both challenging and rewarding. It requires strong physical labour and intelligent problem solving. He enjoys his work in providing high quality customer service to valued Fallon Solution customers. His work also provides him with the opportunity to interact with electricians and dispatch representatives, supervisors and project managers.

  • Commercial Project of the Year

    Steve Flanagan – SDF Electrical – SOUTH QUEENSLAND

    Project: Jupiter’s Casino – The Darling Hotel

    Judges Comments:

    This project was a definite winner due to the complexity of the job.

    With no final drawings until ¾ of the way through the project makes it all the more amazing.

    The project was a six star hotel that also contained a level of shops, 3 levels of gaming and a top storey complete with a night club and pool.

    This project was completed with no lost time injuries with over 70000 man hours completed on site.

    With 80 sets of 300 metre mains that were run from an MSB External to the building footprint. 150 types of light fittings and over 7000 meters of LED strip lighting.

    Project details:

    This project involved installing a full Control 4 room automation system to manage lighting levels, mechanical and motorized blinds. The team included over 80 people, excluding contractors, and required a high level od coordination. Continuous  design alterations were made throughout the project, resulting in complex and accelerated program. The project was completed without any injuries or industrial issues.

  • Women in Contracting Award

    Lauren van Strijp – Melbourne Electrical and Data Solutions – VICTORIA

    Judges comments:

    Lauren is an asset to the industry, She has set high benchmarks for herself and her business. We were highly impressed with her ability to embrace new technology to create a business that is scalable and nimble bur most importantly ensures customers are provided with superior communication and service. Her ability to balance young children with the demands of building and running a business is to be highly commended.

    Winners details:

    Lauren is the founder of Melbourne Electrical and Data Solutions. Having worked in the corporate world with a key focus on business practice, human resources, professional development and management; Lauren saw an opportunity to use her experience and formal qualifications to make a positive contribution to the community. She oversees all facets of the business and manages the team. She attributes their success to solid foundations, market awareness and a positive team culture. Lauren is a proud member of the MEA Women in Contracting Committee.

  • Residential Project of the Year

    Robert Urpis – Argus Technologies – VICTORIA

    Project: Private Residence – Mount Eliza

    Judges Comments:

    • Very impressive large company with superior skills and documented records
    • Strong communication skills with all key stakeholders to deliver a complex project
    • Extremely high level of smart automation and forward thinking customer oriented focus

    Judges would like to give an honorable mention to Jason Brown – Brownies Electrical  (NSW)

    • Small company rapidly growing focusing on quality not price
    • Fostering a positive growth culture in business

    Project Details:

    Argus technologies was involved in the design, supply and installation of a comprehensive electrical, communication and automation system for a new private residence. Featuring a two storey dwelling with expansive tiered gardens, pool and tennis court, the scope included the design/supply of a full electrical infrastructure including switchboards and lighting, CBUS lighting system, free to air tv and networking infrastructure, whole home video and audio distribution, control automation system and integration with a third party provided security and CCTV system.

    The highlight of the project was the design and installation of a fully automated high-end dedicated home theatre.

  • Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

    Jason Sharman – Linked Group Services – NORTH QUEENSLAND

    Project: The Linked Powerhouse

    Linked Group Services provided a project that was a complete “off grid solution” it had the use technologies, was financially viable and had the ability to grow as needed.

    The technologies used encompassed innovative use of solar panels, car park solar power stations, an onsite generator future proofed through investigated use of hydrogen, geothermal air conditioning, batteries and an energy management system to optimize all components.

    In the words of Jason, it showcases “what is possible” is designed to change peoples mindset and its “fair dinkum power”.

    Project Details:

    Linked Energy innovated and designed its own sustainable off-grid commercial complex – the Linked Powerhouse. The powerhouse consists of solar systems mounted on various buildings throughout the complex, including the new Linked solar carport and the eco-port, which features an EV charging station. The solar energy was fed to multiple inverters, producing AC power to feed the various site loads, back to a central location where it charges the Tesla Powerpack. This was one of the first implementations of a Tesla PowerPack in Australia, in an off-grid situation.

  • Legrand Apprentice of the Year Winner

    Naomi Bourke – Horan and Bird – NORTH QUEENSLAND

    Judges Comments:

    Naomi’s commitment and determination has been displayed throughout her electrical apprenticeship.

    Through her initial adversity to securing her electrical apprenticeship Naomi’s perspective is that “no challenge” is to big has been prominent during her tenure at Horan and Bird.

    Naomi seeks our self improvement from her peers which will continue to develop her as a quality tradesperson

    Naomi is passionate about continuing her career in the electrical industry through further studies in electrical engineering, CEC accreditation and more.

    Congratulations Naomi on becoming the 2018 Master Electricians Apprentice of the Year. We look forward to Naomi continuing to develop her skills to benefit the Electrical Industry.

    Winners details:

    Naomi Bourke is a fourth year apprentice employed by Horan and Bird. Naomi chose the career path of an electrician as she has always liked to keep her hands and mind active and wanted a career that wasn’t your typical desk job.

    Naomi likes that no two days are the same and enjoys working for a company that shares her passion in Energy Efficiency. Naomi says she loves that every day her work is helping to create a greener future for generations to come.

  • Industrial Project of the Year

    Mathew Richardson – Minelec -NORTH QUEENSLAND

    Project: Capricorn Copper Mine Refurbishment Works

    Judges Comments:

    • A logically challenging remote mine with age and damaged existing electrical infrastructure
    • An example of a smaller company successfully taking on the bigger companies
    • Through close engagement with customer delivered a profit and met expectations

    Judges would like to offer an Honorable mention to runner up Ryan Johnson – CEQ Australia

    • A logistically and Technicality challenging TUB that needed to consider neighboring requirements of 200
    • Excellent Safety Outcome

    Project Details:

    Minelec acquired a copper mine that had been in ‘care and maintenance’ mode for the last 4-5 years. The previous owner had failed to perform adequate maintenance on the surfacing processing and materials handling plant required to keep the plant operational, resulting in extensive damage and remedial work required. The project scope was to execute all electrical and instrumentation work required to bring the plant back to operational condition, as well as perform upgrades and construct new sections of the plant.

  • Electrician (Tradie) of the Year

    Tim Marsh – Alland Group – NEW SOUTH WALES

    Judges Comments:

    Tim is a young Tradie who is to be recognized for his support to his business as well as his support and loyalty to his fellow Tradies and apprentices.

    Tim considers the development of technology advancement by implementation of the systems generated to eliminate shortcuts in process and encourage sustainability in the nature of the trades staff in their business model.

    Tim build relationships with clients based upon recognition of the necessities for energy conservation and the longer term goals “Lead by Example”.

    He has achieved many layers of accomplishment within Alland Group Company and continue to seek improvement in his own professional development.

    We wish him well in his future advancement in our industry.

    Winners Details:

    Tim decided to become an electrician due to his interest in electronics and the way things work. From early on in his life, he was always pulling things apart.

    He completed his apprenticeship with Electro Group and came first in his class for both theoretical and practical components.

    He was also awarded the KLM Group Apprentice of the Year in 2009.

    Alland Group is considered more like family to Tim than an employer, he enjoys maintaining existing customer relationships as well as developing new ones.