Finding the best deal for a new or used car for business or personal use can be a time consuming distraction away from running your business.  Our new partnership with AutoTender gives you free access to an online vehicle tendering system.

What does this mean for you? It means the next time you’re looking for prices on a new car or work truck, you can list your request on and use their network of reputable dealers to get the best deals around.

This service normally costs $49, but is free to ME Members. Forget the stress and bother of going to dealership after dealership, or spending hours looking through websites; let AutoTender do it for you! Simply choose your vehicle, enter your details and select how soon you want to receive your offer.

AutoTender pits the dealers against each other, so you know you’re getting the best deals around, with no hard sales tactics, and no stress, just the best deal at the best price possible. Visit the exclusive ME Member AutoTender website via the link below to access your deal, or phone 1300 882 578.

Submit your request and pick the offer you like best. It’s that easy.