Telstra Online Essentials – Frequently Asked Question

Who is eligible?

All current MEA Accredited Members.  There is no cost to participate.

Do I have to pay for this offer?

No. Master Electricians is providing the Telstra Online Essentials offer free of charge to accredited members.

What is included in the offer?

A Telstra Online Essentials Presence Plan, will includes:
• Single page mobile-friendly website
• Website hosting
• Your own Sub-domain name (
• Local support via Livechat and email
• Traffic and visitor analytics and reports
• Editor for ongoing maintenance

Plus a listing on Google My Business to help customers find you quickly on Google Search and get your business noticed.

Full terms and conditions are available in the Telstra Online Essentials section of Our Customer Terms here.

What will my website look like?

Choose from a range of templates which are both mobile- and desktop-friendly. You will have a one-page website and your own domain name.

Can I get extra pages on my single page website?

You will need to upgrade to either the Small, Medium or Large Telstra Online Essential plans to get extra pages. The Small plan starts with 3 pages and the Large with 6 pages. You can add multiple pages as required. See prices for upgraded packages

What do I need to do to obtain my website?

Ring Master Electricians on 1300 889 198 or email to advise you wish to take up this offer. We will then advise Telstra who will email you with instructions to register and get set up. This self-serve registration and set-up is quick and easy and is done all online.

Can I take this offer up without taking up the Telstra Trades Assist and the CUBE offers for Accredited Members?

Absolutely. We seek to add value for each Member, via the offering/s which best suit your needs at any given moment in your journey. You decide which service/s are worthwhile for you and your business.

I already have a website. Should I use Online Essentials as well / instead?

If you are happy with the look and feel of your existing website, and it is easy to administer, you may wish to continue using that. Having two websites for the one business will generally lead to confusion.

If your existing website setup is sub-optimal, you should compare it with Telstra Online Essentials.

Telstra Online Essentials advertises an ‘Online Marketing’ offering, for an additional fee. Is access to this included in my MEA Accredited Membership?

This is not currently included in your membership, however we plan to offer online marketing assistance in the near future. Please contact us if you have any queries, or let us know what assistance you seek, so we can ensure our offering adds value.

What happens if I take up this offer and then cancel my accredited membership? Can I keep my website, using Telstra Online Essentials Presence Plan?

No, the page and its contents will be deleted and the domain will be released. Your Google My Business service will be unaffected. You can subscribe to any other Telstra Online Essentials plan in market.