Telstra Trades Assist – Frequently Asked Question

Why should I use Telstra Trades Assist?
Telstra Trades Assist can help reduce your admin, increase profitability and get more time back in your day, so you can focus on what really matters – whether it’s growing your business or spending more time with your friends and family.

Designed with industry experts and businesses like yours to improve the way you work, whether on-the-go, onsite, or in the office, with an easy-to-use web-based admin console and Apple compatible mobile app.

With free set-up and support from day one, Telstra Trades Assist makes going digital easy for your business.

Who is eligible for this offer?
All current MEA Accredited Members.

Do I have to pay to use this offer?
No. Master Electricians is providing your subscription free of charge to current Accredited members.

What is included in the offer?
Up to three (3) Telstra Trades Assist User licences are provided for you and your team (users) for the duration of your current Accredited membership. A dedicated telephone Concierge service is also included free, to help you get up and running.

Full terms and conditions are available in the Telstra Trades Assist section of Our Customer Terms at Telstra Trades Assist MEA Accredited Member Terms and Conditions

How do I take up this offer?
Contact MEA on 1300 889 198 or to register to take up this offer or request further information.

MEA will introduce you to Telstra’s Concierge Service to talk about your specific business needs and how Telstra Trades Assist can help. If you choose to take up the offer, Concierge will order your Telstra Trades Assist service and walk you through set-up so your business can get the most out of using Telstra Trades Assist.

Do I have to take up the offer immediately?
It’s up to you when you choose to take up this offer and start using Telstra Trades Assist. We encourage you to take advantage of our new offerings as soon as possible to maximise your benefit. Assistance is available to help get you up and running.

Can I take up this offer without taking up the Telstra Online Essentials and the CUBE offers for Accredited Members?
Absolutely. We seek to add value for each Member, via the offering/s which best suit your needs at any given moment in your journey. You decide which service/s are worthwhile for you and your business.

How many licences do I need?
You’ll need one licence for yourself and one licence for each additional person who will use Telstra Trades Assist, such as field workers and office admin. Up to three (3) licences are provided at no cost to you as part of this offer.

In other words, if you are a sole trader, one licence subscription is all you need. If you are a business owner with a team of workers, you will need to order additional licences for each worker within the Telstra Trades Assist Admin Console.

The Telstra Concierge Service can help you identify how many licences your business needs.

What do I need to use Telstra Trades Assist?
You will need a compatible web-browser (from a laptop or desktop) to access the Telstra Trades Assist Admin Console to manage initial setup, create and allocate relevant access rights to your users (workers) on the account. The Telstra Trades Assist mobile app currently operates exclusively on Apple devices including iPad and iPhone.

My team use Apple devices, what does this mean?
The Admin console is accessible from most desktop and laptop browsers and can therefore be widely used on Apple and Android. Via the Admin console, you are able to complete and issue quotes on the spot, schedule jobs, identify the quickest route to the next job, track jobs and issue invoices immediately upon completion.
The mobile phone app within this offering currently operates exclusively on Apple devices. With an Apple mobile device, you can use your and your staff’s mobile phones to perform tasks, including team members being able to view any tasks assigned to them, start and complete a job and track staff locations.
Please contact Telstra Concierge Service on 1800 786 961 if you are unsure how your device type affects your use of the service.

How do I get my business set-up on Telstra Trades Assist?
The Telstra Concierge Service will guide you through setting up your business on Telstra Trades Assist, step-by-step. They can also help you create additional licences for your workers, if needed. They will remain available ongoing to answer any system / functionality queries you may have.

Telstra Trades Assist Help Centre also has a range of set-up and help guides, how-to videos, and tip and tricks which you may access anytime.

If you require additional support, there is the option to pay for a ‘do-it-for-me’ onboarding service. This Telstra Trades Assist Premiere Onboarding service includes integration with either Xero or MYOB (Essentials and Account Right online), basic data upload and comprehensive training for all users. Master Electricians has secured a 20% discount on the recommended retail price to take up the Telstra Trades Assist Premiere Onboarding service for $1,800 (incl GST) (one-time charge).

To ensure your transition onto this platform is as smooth as possible, Master Electricians Australia is also ensuring resources are available to provide assistance and guidance where required.

How long does set-up usually take?
We suggest you allow between 4-6 hours of your and/or your team’s time for set up and training, although this will vary depending on the complexity of your business, number of team members and availability of your data in soft copy format. Usually set up and training is spread over 30 days, but this can be fast tracked if you’re able to provide your data more quickly and can make yourself available within a shorter time frame.

How do I get support to use Telstra Trades Assist, once set-up?
You and your team are supported from day one by our Australian-based Concierge support team at no extra cost. Call Telstra Concierge on 1800 786 961 with any questions you might have and they will talk you through the answers and make sure you are getting the most out of Telstra Trades Assist.

You also have access to support guides, articles, and how-to-videos online via the Telstra Trades Assist Help Centre.

What happens if I take up this offer and then cancel my Accredited membership? Can I keep using Telstra Trades Assist?

Yes you may (though we’d love you to talk to us before cancelling!). You’ll start being charged the standard fees for Telstra Trades Assist once your Master Electricians Accredited membership is cancelled. Please contact Telstra Concierge Service on 1800 786 961 to discuss available pricing options. Please note that Master Electricians will no longer be available to answer queries or provide assistance or facilitated use of these services, post-cancellation.