Telstra Trades Assist – Frequently Asked Question

Who is eligible?

All current MEA Accredited Members are eligible to take up this service offering. There is no cost to participate.

What is included?

One licence per Accredited Member is included. More licences may be obtained by subscription with Telstra. To arrange, please contact Telstra Concierge Service on 1800 786 961, or Master Electricians on 1300 889 198.

My team use Apple devices, what does this mean?

The Admin console is accessible from most desktop and laptop browsers and can therefore be widely used on Apple and Android. Via the Admin console, you are able to complete and issue quotes on the spot, schedule jobs, identify the quickest route to the next job, track jobs and issue invoices immediately upon completion.

The mobile phone app within this offering currently operates exclusively on Apple devices. With an Apple mobile device, you can use your and your staff’s mobile phones to perform tasks, including team members being able to view via the app any tasks assigned to them, starting or completing a job via the app and tracking staff locations.

Please contact Telstra Concierge Service on 1800 786 961 if you are unsure how your device type affects your use of the service.

Why should I use ME Business Management tools?

Manage quotes and jobs from a central point. Allow your team in the field to provide quotes in real time, turn quotes into jobs and have work scheduled in real time. Minimise downtime for your staff by scheduling their work and putting the information at their fingertips. Schedule and track job start and end times to better understand job costs.

How do I set up my business on the ME Business Management tools?

When you opt in for the ME Business Management service, the Master Electricians Membership Services team will ring you to provide initial access to the system. On the same call, or at a time suitable to you, Telstra Concierge Service will then walk you through the initial setup of your business on the Telstra Trades Assist system. They will assist you with the following:

  • Outline the functionality of the Admin console and mobile app
  • Show you how to add your current customers, jobs and quotes on to the system
  • Set up your team on the system with appropriate read/write permissions
  • Upload Parts List files to facilitate online quoting
  • Ensure your accounting system is integrated

The Telstra Concierge Service will work interactively with you in the initial stages of setting up your business on the system. They will also remain available ongoing to answer any system / functionality queries you may have.

To ensure your transition onto this platform is as smooth as possible, Master Electricians Australia is also ensuring resources are available to provide with assistance and guidance where required.

Do I have to take up the offer immediately?

When you commence using the new services is of course up to you. We encourage you to take advantage of our new offerings as soon as possible, given there is no extra cost and assistance is available to get you up and running.

I am cancelling my Master Electricians Accredited Membership. Can I keep using Telstra Trades Assist?

Yes you may (though we’d love you to talk to us before cancelling!), by subscribing to the service directly with Telstra. To arrange this, please contact Telstra Concierge Service on 1800 786 961. Please note that Master Electricians will no longer be available to answer queries or provide assistance or facilitated use of these services, post-cancellation.