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Energy Super

As a Master Electricians Australia (MEA) member, you can access an exclusive deal with Energy Super, the leading industry super fund for people who work in the energy industry. On top of an Energy Super Balanced/MySuper option of 9.91% per annum (12 months to 31 July 2015), you will benefit from:

  • Automatic industry-specific income protection upon listing employer when joining
  • Automatic death and total permanent disability cover with no underwriting and pre-exclusions for two years
  • Online access to your account
  • Access to Energy Care, a world class wellness program to assist with financial, mental and physical wellbeing
  • Costs and fees kept to a minimum
  • On-site presence through toolbox and/or seminars at the employer’s discretion
  • Phone-based advice to help you set up the five key building blocks of superannuation

Energy Super have streamlined their fund to be more efficient and provide more benefits to you, including:

  • Administration fee (capped each financial year) – now reduced from $1,100 to $900
  • Member accounts with an average balance of $161,000 invested in the MySuper default investment option will receive a saving of $112.70
  • Weekly administration fees of $1.

For help or further information, please contact the Energy Super Contact Centre on 1300 436 374, or speak to Murray Bell, MEA’s Fund Services Manager, on 0409 617 322.