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Our buying power means you save more on a range of helpful benefits.

Logo and branding support

Tailor Brands provide affordable logo design and branding, giving you the ability to obtain professional-grade branding at a fraction of the price. On top of their amazing deals, they're also offering Master Electricians members 25 per cent off all branding and logo packages offered on their website. From just $29.25 USD, you can purchase a tailor-made logo for your business. Or, for just $74.25 USD, you can purchase an entire suite of design files. Join MEA now to take advantage of this benefit.

Vehicle purchasing

Finding the best deal for a new or used car for business or personal use can be a time consuming distraction away from running your business.  Our new partnership with AutoTender gives members free access to an online vehicle tendering system. What does this mean? It means the next time you're looking for prices on a new car or work truck, you can list your request on and use their network of reputable dealers to get the best deals around.

Legal support

It is important to get common sense, practical legal advice from someone who understands your industry. Master Electricians Australia has strategic alliances with Doyle's Construction Lawyers and McKays Solicitors who have extensive experience in the trade and construction industry. These firms provide members with free initial consultations on a range of legal issues.

Communications support

As a Master Electricians Australia member, you’re right to expect we’ll bring you more of the good stuff. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Master Builders Connect, a service that connects you to more exclusive offers and mates’ rates from Telstra. We know the trade. And we know what’s important to our members - your phone is your lifeline at work. So you need a high-quality, reliable service you can trust. We also know that you’ve got enough on your plate – and that we need to help keep things simple. So you will have access to a dedicated, Australian-based helpdesk to ensure we’re here when you need us. Whether you’re self-employed or a large-scale operation, we offer a one-stop-shop for all your telecommunications needs.

Insurance, both business and personal

As a Master Electricians Member you gain access to comprehensive and competitive insurance cover that is tailored to the electrical industry to protect your business and personal needs. Our partner Comsure Insurance Brokers are Licensed General Insurance brokers with extensive experience in trades and construction. Members can also access life insurance deals through partner Concept Benefit Planning. Registered Life Insurance Brokers, Concept Benefit Planning are dedicated to providing simple solutions to complex risk problems by assessing your business and personal needs and devising solutions to best suit your needs and objectives.

Health Insurance for staff and family

Bupa is part of Australia’s largest privately managed health insurer. You can be assured access to a wide range of products and services specifically designed with Master Electricians Members in mind. You and your staff can join Bupa and receive all the benefits of private health insurance through a specifically negotiated Master Electricians Australia corporate plan which gives you great value.


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