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Monday 17 September


AEST (Qld/NSW/Vic/Tas) - 12 noon, AWST (WA) - 10 am, ACST (NT/SA) - 11:30 am


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What We'll Cover

The Webinar topic will be on Common Law Employment Contracts: Can I use them and what should be in them?

When engaging employees it is important that a common law employment contract is implemented with any new employee particularly when creating ‘loaded sates of pay’. A common law contract is useful to accurately reflect expectations of each party in the employment relationship, and to confirm the terms and conditions of employment. This can help to reduce disputes with the employee.

Simply thinking an over-award rate is protecting your business from a wages claim risk.

Topics to be covered include:

In this presentation the Workplace relations team will be providing information in relation to common law employment contracts, including:

  • What can I include in the contract?
  • What does ‘paying above the award’ really mean?
  • Protecting the business from a wages claim
  • What cannot be excluded
  • How can I vary certain terms of the award?
  • Tips for making contracts
  • Post-employment restrictions

Join us to learn more.