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You will receive an email from the ME Business Coaching team confirming your enrolment into the program and the payment methods available.  Payment must be made prior to session commencement.

  • Program Cost

    The cost for each module is $1000 plus GST. 

    Participants are not locked in to complete all four modules. You can elect to participate in all four series at a cost of $1000 plus GST each, or select your preferred series only. MEA has negotiated these heavily discounted coaching fees as an exclusive offer for members.

    Please note that all sessions will be lead online via Zoom.

  • FAQs

    Who is eligible?

    All current MEA Members (all Membership categories) are eligible to participate in this program.

    What is the format?

    The workshops are conducted in small groups, minimum 6 participants, maximum 10. This intimate setting enables specific business issues to be raised by each participant, maximising the value for your particular circumstances. The program consists of four workshop series, with four sessions per series (each one approx. 2 hours in duration). Participants can choose to enrol in one series only or opt to enrol in all four. Workshops will run on a fortnightly basis, with the full program of the four-workshop series to be completed by early December 2020. The workshops are highly interactive, with some thinking and planning expected between workshops. Content can be tailored and prioritised by group agreement.

    Why this coaching course?

    This workshop series is designed and facilitated by Total Business Innovation, who have a track record of assisting business leaders to achieve their objectives through strategic thinking and understanding key drivers for personal and professional success. The program has been tailored to cater specifically to Electrical businesses and will be offered only to Electricians at this stage, meaning all content is directly relevant to your business.

    What will I do differently in my business at the end of the workshop series?

    You will have a clear picture of your personal and professional objectives. Knowing the levers in your business and how to shift them, you will have the knowledge and tools to plan your steps to success. You will have commenced executing steps to achieve your medium and long-term goals. You will understand how to manage a change of circumstances within or outside your business, maximising situations as they arise.

    Who else will be in my Coaching group? Is my business information secure?

    Participants will be Electrical Business Leaders, which will ensure the content and discussion is relevant, targeted and learnings are shared. Confidentiality expectations will be established prior to and during the first workshop in each program. Open and full participation will maximise your benefit, however ultimately it is up to participants to decide what you are comfortable disclosing. No business particulars will be shared amongst participants without the clear and express prior permission of the information owners.

    Who from my business should participate?

    This depends on how your business is setup. If you have a Business Manager who runs your Operations and is a decision maker, this program will be of enormous benefit to them. In general terms, the person attending should be responsible for business strategy and able to make significant decisions impacting how the business is run (not just how it is administered). If you are not sure, give us a ring to discuss.

    Where are the workshops held?

    The workshops will be held online, via Zoom video conference making them accessible for all members around Australia. As they are interactive with sessions running for approximately two hours each, participants will it best to join via their office or home or a location where there is no interruption and has good internet access.

    What if I can’t make a particular session within my enrolled workshop series?

    If you are unable to make a particular workshop, the content will be provided via email following the workshop, and a session re-cap can be scheduled via phone with the facilitator. There are no refunds for non-attendance.

    What time does each workshop start and end?

    Workshops will commence (on the appointed dates) at 8.00AM AEST and end at 10.00AM AEST.

    What is the cost?

    Participation in each workshop series (Survive, Strive, Thrive and Arrive) is $1000 plus GST – this is a 50% discount off standard business coaching fees for MEA members.

    The price point for this program compares very well to comparable alternatives in the market, none of which are designed exclusively for the Electrical industry, to enable our Members to reap the benefits.

    How will I be charged?

    Invoicing will be issued for each individual workshop program separately.

    My peer would benefit from the program, but s/he is in an Industry other than Electrical. Can they participate?

    Please have them contact Master Electricians Australia for a chat. Whilst initially these programs are aimed at Electrical Business Leaders to maximise relevance for those on a journey to become a Master Electrician, it is likely there will be broader offerings as we go along.

    I have commenced participating in Master Electricians’ Business Coaching Program and wish to cancel my Master Electricians membership before the end of the Program. Can I complete the Program?

    Yes, you may (though we’d love you to talk to us before cancelling!). The program is most beneficial when completed in full and we want you to realise maximum value.

To enquire about Master Electricians Business Coaching
Please contact or phone 1300 889 198