Townsville Area Disaster Services


Townsville Floods

When a property is flooded it must undergo a safety check before electricity can be reconnected to the home. Below are the steps to ensure your home is safe and electricity is reconnected swiftly:

  1. Register your details and we will arrange a safety inspection, this can take place prior to Ergon reconnecting the street or after. Ergon will only reconnect the street, they do not reconnect the house until a safety inspection has been completed by an electrical contractor.
  2. MEA will coordinate an electrician to visit your property to undertake a safety inspection. If there are any damaged circuits the electrical contractor will isolate these with the goal of giving you immediate power.
  3. There is a charge for this service. The electrical contractor will discuss this with you before any work commences.

If the property has had no flood damage Ergon may place a notice on the front door or meter enclosure informing you the main switch is turned off. A licensed electrical contractor is required to test and confirm the property is safe for electricity reconnection.

  • E.g. pre-reconnection inspection, flood repairs, loss of supply, switchboards, solar issues, wiring damage, powerpoint switches, appliances, etc.
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